Hair Cutting & Styling

To book your hair cutting & styling appointments please call the salon on 01474 53 44 55.

prices from April 2021

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Our prices reflect the level and experience of the stylist

Graduate Stylist StylistSenior StylistsCreative cutting Stylist
Lucy, Lilly, SophieJason
Cut & FinishShort£35£40£44£46
Cut & FinishLong & Restyles£40£45£49£52
Cut with or without shampooing£30£34£36£38
Fringe tidyFREE between regular 6-8 week cuts£6£6£6£6
Gents Graduate StylistStylistSenior StylistsCreative cutting Stylist
Restylewith or without shampooing£20£24£30£32
StylingGraduate StylistStylistSenior StylistsCreative cutting Stylist
Hair up£30£30£35£35
Bouncy pinned Blowdry£30£30£35£35
All Stylists
Curling/WavesShort hair£15
Medium £20
Nano Keratin Hair smoothing Treatment (Brazilian Blow dry)£135


Children’s Cutting

Children’s reduced cutting prices are available weekdays only and exclude Saturday and Sundays. Children’s appointments on a Saturday and Sunday will be charged the full adult Ladies and Gents prices.

Teens 13-19Chloe & AshaLucy, Lilly, Sophie & Jason
Boys Cut£15£25
Girls Cut/Blowdry£30£40
Children 4-12 years
Girls & Boys Cuts£15£25
Girls Cut/Blowdry£25£35
Up to 3 years
Girls & Boys Cuts£15£25

KMS Conditioning Treatment / £15

Enjoy a relaxing Shiatsu massage whilst this deep repair treatment helps reconstruct your hair leaving it glossy and in fabulous condition.

nanokeratin Mask Treatment / £20

a luxurious mask treatment for coloured hair which contains pure natural ingredients that penetrate from roots to tips leaving your hair smooth, silky and frizz free as well as locking in your colour to prevent fade.

BONDPRO+ / £20

BONDPRO+ is a luxurious treatment which will strengthen the hair fibre from within as well as preventing breakage it will make your hair look and feel significantly healthier, revitalized and deeply nourished. Its perfect for coloured and heavily lightened and bleached hair.

BONDPRO+ alongside your colour / £15

Nanokeratin smoothing treatment / £135

This blowdry smoothing treatment will eliminate frizz, repair damaged hair and reduce your hair drying time by up to 80% making your hair easier to style.

It enhances and locks in your colour and stops the colour from fading while increasing shine and smoothness.

The service takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours & the results will last up to 4 months if you are using the nanokeratin aftercare shampoos and treatments.