Hair colouring while on lockdown




Quite a few of our clients have been asking for hair colour advice while your trusted stylists are on lockdown!

Remember the great result you get at the salon is down to the brand we use which is Goldwell available only to salons and the skills and expertise of your salon colourist applying the colour.

Unfortunately we do encounter quite a few problems with box dyes, with colour build up, hair damage and banding which restricts what we are able to do moving forward, so we really don’t recommend you attempt yourself at home.

Hair colour sprays or semi permanent colours that wash out might be a better option, nothing permanent and sprayed on the roots! These won’t damage your hair and you won’t get any banding or build up of colour.

If you do decide to try a box dye don’t forget to do an allergy test. If you don’t get any reactions, remember it’s impossible to apply the colour yourself just to the roots. Even we cant manage this if we colour our own hair.

How about embracing the grey or your natural hair colour as it grows out? It’s an ideal opportunity to grow out the roots and if you are in isolation only the people you live with and your FaceTime friends & family will see! if you do go out for your daily exercise or shopping pop a hat or scarf on! Also bear in mind we don’t get close enough to each other now for anyone to see your roots!

If you want any colour advice please get in touch and we will do all we can to help.

We can’t wait to see you and your long roots in the not too distant future but dreading the hair disasters!

Take care and stay safe!! XX