BONDPRO+ for Stronger Healthier Hair

Discover the NEW £10 service now available at JM Hairdressing!

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BONDPRO+ added to the colour we mix for you as well as a treatment at the basin will prevent breakage and protect the hair from damage. The hair will be revitalised and deeply nourished. The hair fibres will be strengthened and your hair will look significantly healthier.

Step 1 the protection serum penetrates the hair & protects the hair fibre from within

Step 2 the nourishing fortifier is a rich intensive treatment and is applied after rinsing out your colour and before shampooing. This allows the formula to deeply penetrate and reinforce the bonds in the hair. This leaves the hair strengthened and deeply nourished.

Our stylists & clients are loving it!

Please ask for BONDPRO+ next time you visit!